About North Star Guardians

North Star Guardians About North Star Guardians

North Star Guardians Group is committed to ensuring a safe environment for everyone. All Volunteers working one-on-one with vulnerable persons and Official Riding Members are subject to Vulnerable Sector Checks prior to enrollment.

North Star Guardians Group is a group conceived, created and carried to fruition in 2021 in North Bay, Ontario. Our name was derived from our members who shared a passion for providing guardianship to young persons and families in need. The North Star was used as a focus point of our logo as we believe that the “North Star will always lead you home”. Home is where safety and security should reside, and our group reinforces the need for safety and security in all homes and family environments. As such, our Guardians, or members, will always strive to lead you back to a safe and secure environment. The hands in our logo represent our goal to end domestic violence and child abuse, and our pledge to support victims and families of domestic violence and child abuse. We all share a common ideal and dedication to providing positive partnerships in our community.

Our Board of Directors consists of 5 members- also known as the “First 5”. The “First 5” are the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer, the Secretary and the Sergeant-At-Arms. The Board of Directors manages the day to day business of the Corporation, and the Riding Members contribute to the larger decision-making efforts.